Loginworks Taskmanager

Loginworks Taskmanager 1.0

TaskManagerE provides information about processes running on your system (See all)
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TaskManagerEx provides information about applications, processes currently running on your system. It is very helpful for those who want to stop multiple application /Process in one click .
- Stop running application (with multi selection)
- Stop running processes (with multi selection)
- Set affinity for a process to a particular processor (on multiprocessor systems)
- Search/Filter running application
- All Task Manager Columns can be resized.
- Sort ProcessName column in ascending or descending order.
Task Manager has two tabs: Applications and Processes. While Task Manager is running, the first tab display the application running on the system and second display services running on the system. We can either select application/Services one by one or use “Check All” button for multiple selection. There is search-box which is used to search running application. It don’t support in services tab.

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